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Be Gheeful

Discover the nutty rich taste and benefits of ghee.

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Traditional Middle Eastern Spice Blend

Experience the authentic taste of the Middle East with our exceptional Za'atar spice blend. As the king of Middle Eastern spices, Mama's Earth Za'atar offers a splendid fusion of earthy, nutty, zesty, and tangy flavors that elevate both flatbread and a wide range of recipes.

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If there is ever a Middle Eastern staple, it is hummus. Our traditional recipe is the perfect combination of chickpeas, tahini, lemon, olive oil, garlic, and spices in a smooth creamy blend. We use only fresh ingredients and we never use preservatives or fillers.

Kalamata Tapenade

Traditionally French (Provence), tapenade found its way into our Middle Eastern kitchen. Olives, capers, parsley, and a few pinches of spices—what's not to love? We did leave out the anchovies (not a family favorite) so it's vegan as well.

Middle Eastern Delights

Don't forget the sweets! Baklawa, kanafe, and even vegan fudge, along with some other desserts, can be found from time to time at our market booth at the Richland Park Farmer's Market.