Simply good food

A true heritage

Rooted in a flavor-rich past

Sharing the foods we grew up with is our joy.

We believe that food should be real—not filled with preservatives or fillers or anything you’d need a master’s degree in chemistry to identify. Good food made with simple, wholesome ingredients brings joy to life. It's really that simple.

You’ll notice that many of our products have a bit of a Middle Eastern flair. That's because our inspiration comes from the cooking of our grandparents, who came to the US from the Middle Eastern city of Aleppo, and our mother, the founder of Joyce’s Kitchen. Aleppo is renowned for its cuisine and our family continues making those traditional recipes to this day. Our products reflect the Aleppian culture of our past and the recipes and flavors we enjoyed growing up.

Today we honor our Mama, Sittos (grandmothers), and Giddos (grandfathers) by striving to bring you the very best food the way they served their families and their customers—with love and traditional family recipes using ingredients that you understand.

We are in based in Franklin, Tennessee, and sell our products through grocers in the Nashville area and at the Richland Park Farmer’s Market in West Nashville, where we started.

We love to made good food from the earth. And we hope to do the same for you.

Like Sitto said, “tfadalou!(come eat)

—Jim and Gina Bashour

For inspiration and to learn to cook like Mama Joyce, visit Joyce's Kitchen YouTube channel.